Timeshare Association Board choose Thurnham Hall for Board meeting dinner

The Timeshare Association (TATOC) www.tatoc.co.uk chose Thurnham Hall for their Directors Dinner hosted by Group RCI’s Vicky DuBois. TATOC is the leading Consumer Timeshare Association in Europe and represents Club Committees and will shortly be available to Individuals. Their Consumer helpline receives in excess of 3000 calls per annum to help owners and fight scammers. The tatoc board was meeting at Pine Lake for a 2 1/2 day strategy meeting and chose to visit Thurnham Hall for the first time for dinner in the Chapel. The feedback was excellent and many members of their board are looking forward to returning to spend some quality time with their partners. Many thanks to RCI for choosing to host the dinner and for selecting Thurnham Hall for such a prestigious event.

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