Members Survey Results

The survey closed 27.01.08. A really big “thank you” to everyone who contributed. The items in italics are direct quotes from respondants.

Thurnham Hall General

1) If you were staying as a guest at Thurnham Hall, please give your opinions on whether you would like to see the following facilities made available.

  • A later checkout (70% would like to see this)
  • Courtesy shuttle to Lancaster (78.9% would like to see this)
  • Facility to charge to room during stay (71.1% would like to see this)
  • 63.5% would like to see broadband/wifi access available in rooms, 3.8% would hate to see it.
  • 1 respondant would hate to see a baby sitting service available and think it’s a terrible idea 19.3% would like to see some form of early evening childcare for older children (5-11yr olds) but 50% would be unlikely to use personally.
  • 69.3% would like to see bath robes in rooms (3.8% would hate this)
  • 69.2% would like to see free DVD/VHS rental
  • 65.4% would to see breakfast in the restaurant during the week too
  • 53.9% would like to see free laundry facilities
  • Only 28.9% thought a daily maid service was a good idea
  • 51.9% would like to see toiletries replaced FOC

2) As an owner, please rate whether Thurnham Hall should offer the following facilities

  • 61% would like us to offer Broadband / Wifi in rooms
  • 40% would like us to offer room service
  • 40% think we should offer toys and games for family use
  • 70% think we should offer the facility to charge to account
  • 72.3% think we should offer a resale program or assist in some way
  • 44% think we should increase the rental week inventory


3) Are there any other facilities that you think should be made available to guests staying at Thurnham Hall?

  • Yes. an accessible toilet for disabled persons in the main building (space exists around the waiters station to create one) plus access for the disabled to the Chapel (e.g. via the separate passage way if necessary)
  • Small shop for essentials
  • free use of towels when using pool
  • Dog Kennels for use by guests visiting with dogs.
  • library/book exchange and quiet sitting area
  • As a 15th century building bring back the maids uniforms and tea on the lawn as we used to have. Foreign visitors loved it and have asked why we have taken this British tradition away. After all thats why they come to visit the UK
  • DVD player in room.
  • The open area of grass (between Woodlands and newest development) should be kept short so that children can play on it. One should be able to use the Great Hall for sitting and enjoying without feeling pressured to order a drink or meal.
  • WiFi is a must!
  • One has to be careful not to spoil the atmosphere of Thurnham by trying to turn it into a lively resort with all sorts of things on offer. The maxim ‘Horses for courses’ should be borne in mind.
  • Resale opportunities
  • easier overnight/short break booking /discounts for owners who have shown loyalty over the years – used to feel special now feel swallowed up in the “corporate” approach
  • I would like to see the main hall, which is a great attraction to all guests, retuned to its original state and the bar removed.Most people agree that it has taken away the character of the main hall.


Thurnham Hall Forum

4) How useful did you find the owners guide?

  • 14.7% – it helped but still confused about some things
  • 38.2% – it was OK – a pretty comprehensive bible
  • 38.2% – it was good and they were now much clearer about their options
  • 5.9% – it was fantastic and they wouldn’t be without it now

5) How useful do you find the forum?

  • 7.3% – not registered (they have now)
  • 34.1%  –  registered but not really used it at all
  • 34.1%  – occasionally log in to see what’s new
  • 7.3%  – receive a digest and log in if there’s a new discussion going on
  • 12.2%  – log in occasionally
  • 14.6%  – log in regularly


Thurnham Hall Website

6) How do you find the website?

  • 0% – not very good
  • 27.5% – OK, some bits better than others
  • 52.5% –  it was good – lots of info and easy to navigate around
  • 20% – it was fantastic – well done


Timeshare General

7) If you could exchange your 1 week for 3/4 weeks holiday would you consider it good value?

  • 15% – yes very interested, please tell me more
  • 37.5 – yes providing it didn’t cost any more money
  • 25% – possibly, would depend on what the cost was
  • 25% – don’t think so – am happy with what I have
  • 5% – definitely not

8) Overall – how do you rate your timeshare experience?

  • 2.4% – wish never heard of timeshare and regret getting involved
  • 19% – not particularly happy. Want out but don’t want to lose money invested
  • 33.3% – ok, have had some good holidays but perhaps are not getting the best from our ownership
  • 28.6% – good – have found ways of making timeshare work
  • 16.7% – fantastic. Very glad we have a timeshare!

Additional comments

  • Have had great holidays but only because we’ve made it so. Our problem is availability. We never seem to be able to get into the resorts we want. This may be because we only holiday within the UK. Visits to Thurnham have always been great, love the place and what’s on offer to do and see.
  • We were very happy until Sunterra. The quality and service and food went down hill.
  • Have rarely been able to achieve the holidays we want so exchange experience poor but have a soft spot for Thurnham Hall
  • We have been told by Sunterra that until we pay our management fees we can’t bank our week. This is leaving it too late to bank.
  • we think the maintenance fees are on the dear side.
  • The main problem with Thurnham is the cost & the attitude of Sunterra who don’t treat us as valued customers.Huge contrast with our experiance with our other time share owned with Pestana.
  • Was fantastic until Sunterra took over – now no options except pay up more and more
  • Experience since Sunterra took over has been very poor, with lost weeks.
  • would like to get out of time share don’t use it have not used it since suntarra took over.