Selling your week:

We currently offer a free way for owners to list their weeks for sale and be introduced to buyers looking to buy holiday ownership at Thurnham Hall. This is run and moderated by volunteers and we recommend the use of escrow to protect both buyers and sellers in any transaction.

A new timeshare directive – Directive 2008/122/EC – for the “protection of consumers in respect of certain aspects of timeshare, long-term holiday products, resale and exchange” was passed by the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 22nd October 2008.

The Directive is dated 14/01/2009, came into effect on 23/02/2009 and had to be implemented into national laws by Member States by 23/02/2011

Importantly this legislation also covers private resales and in practice EU Directive 2008/122/EC means (this extract relates to resales only);

Pre-contractual information (sometimes referred to as disclosure information). Traders must provide comprehensive pre-contractual information. All advertising and pre-contractual information forms part of the contract. All advertising must specify the possibility of obtaining the pre-contractual information and where it can be obtained. Pre-contractual information must include details of the cooling-off period, the ban on taking any advance payments during this period, the consumers right of withdrawal, and the necessary forms for them to do so.

Cooling-off period and right of withdrawal: The Directive applies a universal 14 day cooling-off period with a right of withdrawal during this period without cost to the consumer. It applies a ban on the taking of any money during this period, including a ban on taking deposits through third parties
Resale Companies will be required to provide comprehensive information about the service being offered and will not be allowed to charge advance payments until the actual sale has taken place or the contract has been otherwise terminated.

This clearly places significantly more onerous responsibilities onto the Seller to ensure compliance with this legislation.

It also indirectly places a moral obligation on us as facilitators of the introduction to ensure no-one inadvertently falls foul of these regulations either by one to advice (which as a volunteer run site we simply don’t have the resource to provide) or by supplying template documentation, help sheets and draft contracts (again something we don’t have the legal expertise or funds to draft and a one size fits all will never protect against all possible variations).

We have decided therefore and are delighted and proud to announce that with effect from July 1st 2011 our exclusive resale partner is Travel & Leisure Group Ltd.

Travel & Leisure Group are a financially sound international Timeshare company who have steadily consolidated and expanded their business throughout the world since 1992. They are the only Resales Company who comply with both the RDO and TATOC codes.

The management and staff at Travel & Leisure Group have many years experience in Timeshare and the company reputation is well known throughout the world. In 2010 Travel and Leisure sold weeks with a total value of £1.4 Million.

Benefits to you
• As a major resales operator Travel and Leisure have hundreds of buyers looking for weeks and are there more likely to find a buyer for your week.
• will still list weeks for sale through Travel and Leisure so buyers can still find your week.
• As a Thurnham Owner who has previously advertised through the Thurnham hall website you can register your week for free or choose an enhanced listing to get more attention for your week (fully refunded upon sale).
• All fees are paid by the seller although you can choose to pay them if you prefer.
• Sales will be handled professionally with the peace of mind that all relevant laws are being complied with.
• Sellers and Buyers automatically benefit from Escrow Protection
• Huge Marketing Spend to drive buyers to find your week

Clearly this is a big change and due to the number of owners and weeks involved we will be making contact with you all via private message to explain the next steps but rest assured that the whole process will be as seamless and simple as possible.

If you wish to make contact before we get in touch with you please follow the links below:

As an added bonus all buyers who get in touch via the link will receive complimentary RCI weeks membership on completion of their purchase and all sellers who choose to use Travel & Leisure receive a special listing free gift as well as a no cost guarantee on all sales.