Commitee Changes

Pippa Wilson stands down from the committee

Robin Ainsworth co-opted onto the committee

With regret we have had to accept the resignation of Pippa Wilson from our committee. Pippa is having to stand down for personal reasons to do with her family. I’m sure you will all join me in thanking her for her time on the committee, and to wish her well.

Pippa will still continue to work on some back-office functions, notably web-hosting and our forums, which many of you know she has been involved with for some years. So happily we will not be losing Pippa completely.

So far as going forward, those of you who were at the last AGM will recall that the third place candidate for the committee positions was Mr Robin Ainsworth. The existing committee unanimously agreed that Robin ought to be invited to join the committee to take up the remainder of Pippa’s tenure – this year and the next year – and he has agreed to do this.

Robin is currently taking a hand-over from Pippa and will be attending our next committee meeting in March. I am sure he will make an address to you as part of this new topic to introduce himself and this news will be covered again in our next newsletter.


Peter Scott A/Chair and committee owner representative – Thurnham Owners Club